Shhhhh.......She Sleeping.........



Day one:

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First Light Yes that's a Sprint car wing.... This is a bad sight Grass under the car.

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A winner

Co Driver

Ice for the gas..

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Last Rev's... Little red Handle is for rear brake adj. Bigger Pedal.. for the dance...

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CSI: This is  where the car was for too long.... And yes the tires were un-cut
Just a start

Good Gas....
$5.00 per Gal.
1" porting only....

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The start Ready to pull... Going... Going.... It's out of there...

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Up,up and away...

A look at the hart removed.... She will live again
Nice tie downs....
Ready to start

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Shhhhhh..... It's night now and she's sleeping....           zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........
Check back soon for more photos.... c-ya 
Well, rub some of the dirt off it and a Good Wash Job!.. 
and a new MOTOR... and it will be ready to go......
First time it made it's way to the track, it was yellow, Sears Point in the rain,
it made SpeedNews that month, a photo of it sideways in turn 2, full left lock,
with a taped on number, looking real nice... I was in GP 3, this is where I started
with NASA. Soon I was asked by Jerry (now CEO and owner of NASA) if I 
would like to teach the GP 1 students... I did...
Soon I started to want to build the car into a race car. When I first drove the 
car it was just a street car, something to get sideways in and have fun. 
I started building the car in 1995-1996, took about a year to build it. I started 
with a motor I built in my garage at home. I got 3rd overall at the end of the
year. Coming to the track with me, myself, and I, sounds like a big team...
That was 1997, not bad for the first year out of the box.
In 1998 with the same motor I raced again and at the end of the year, I was
second overall, the motor was running good....
240Z at Sears.gif (150248 bytes)  The Z at Sears Point Turn 2.... 
In 1999, put in some new rings and did some head work (by the book only)
and some new bearings, and took on a new team driver, Dave Brown. Dave
came with a team...6-8 people at every race... it just doesn't get any better than
that! And a cook too! Joe.... man-o-man could he cook up some good food.
It takes a good cook and crew chief to make this happen. Dave brought Chris 
from Bugformance to head up the team. The car was torn down after every race
weekend. That year we had 33 races, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Dave
drove on Saturday while I had my Class GP 4, and on Sunday I would Race....
We placed first 16 times and second 15 times and one DNF.... not too bad.... 
We were the overall points winners that year.
Take a good look at the photo's. I painted the car in 1997 and raced it for three
years. That is the only time the car was painted. About the only thing that happened
was that the paint faded.... 
From 2000-2003 the car was used just for giving rides at the track and having fun
with. That is what started this deal... just go out and have fun.... hard to believe the 
motor lasted that long, and revving it up to 7800 rpm's for so many races... hour after
hour.... So, I will try to take photos of the rebuild as I prepare to get the old Z back
on the track.
Albert E. Butterfield IV

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