Ralph's Finally Finished Flat Head Racer Will Make It's Debut at Bonneville
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I'll take it to Bonneville this august. Been spending all available time getting it drivable.
engine runs REALLY good. Finishing brakes & electrics. Bonneville this year
marks this cars 50th anniversary as it was raced to 119.68 mph on august 22
1949, the first day that hot rodders raced at the salt. This years event is
from aug.14 to the 20 and I actually have the week off so why don't you go or
meet up with me & go together! Don't forget your potatoe cannon ! And any old
vw engine blocks as they burn them at Lands End  (Camp Bonneville)bonfires at
night.Record is 14 in one night. To me Bonneville is mecca . You see the most
original stuff and meet some of the names youv'e heard  for ever . Bring your
sleeping bag and lots of film and video tape,a hat ,a bike to get around with
and have lots of fun .

He made it...