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Xtreme G’s History

In December of 1996, 4 unacquainted women racers got together for a 6 hour Endurance Race put on by the National Auto Sport Association. Little did they know it would be the beginning of a journey to understanding and becoming competitive in a predominantly male sport. At the end of those 6 hours Laura, Becky, Allison, and Sue finished 2nd in their very competitive, all-male class and realized this series was for them!!!

The next year brought a concerted, yet relaxed effort by the fledgling team. Utilizing a race car dedicated to an aggressively run sprint series (Pro-7, Driver - Allison Duncan) which ran races immediately preceding endurance races, Xtreme G’s successfully started and finished every race for the season. At year’s end they placed 3rd in season points - the only female racers entered in the series of 25 other, all-male teams.

1998 began with the development of a dedicated new endurance race car. The first few races were run with borrowed or rented race cars, yet Xtreme G’s placed 2nd in the first 2 races and 1st in the big race to follow - a 6 hour event! It was not until mid-way through the season that the "Meteor" made her debut - a white-yellow-red, "enter-the-atmosphere HOT" 1979 Mazda RX7…By season’s end Xtreme G’s placed 2nd in overall points - again, the only female drivers out of 26 teams entered in the series.

This year, Xtreme G’s Motorsports is dedicating itself not only to the game of endurance racing…but to the role of supporting and encouraging other females to experience the challenges and excitement of this very exhilarating sport!


Xtreme G’s Vision

We seek to become a mentoring and support group for women involved in the sport of road course racing.


Xtreme G’s Mission

To support female students and licensed women drivers reach their peak performance in the world of Auto Racing with the National Auto Sport Association. Support includes information concerning racing events, technical requirements, racing technique and skills development, and other areas of concern to women racers face such as family care assistance at the track.


Xtreme G’s 1999 Goals

Race to a 1st place championship finish in the National Auto Sport Association’s 1999 Timex Endurance Racing Series

Finish 1st in class, and as a high overall as possible, in the December 12, 1999 Timex 12-hour Endurance Race

Gain the marketing support and camaraderie of 1-2 celebrity female racers who will join us in December for NASA’s Timex 12-hour Endurance Race

Publicize successful women in racing - press releases, web-sites, racing newspapers, car shows, TV sports organizations, etc.

Assist female students in NASA’s high performance driving program as well as licensed female racers as they seek to reach their peak performance.

Mentor 2+ female racers to positions in the Xtreme G’s 1999 race line-up.

Provide women with information about resources available to them surrounding the sport of road course racing.

Xtreme G’s 1999 Team Operations

This year the X’treme G’s Motorsport’s team roster will list every race-licensed female and female school-event participant! Those licensed racers wishing to drive on the Xtreme G’s team events will have an opportunity to audition for driver positions. Those candidates with top lap times and who exhibit proper safety while competitively challenging, passing, and racing other cars will be reviewed by the Xtreme G’s Core Committee. The Committee will determine the number of racers per race and will select who will have the opportunity of racing in those positions. Racers will be asked to support the team through joint payment of racing fees and race car maintenance costs. A damage agreement will be authorized by all drivers prior to events.


X’treme G’s Driver Profiles

Soon to come…

Xtreme G’s Racing Invitation

…would you like the feeling of being in control in extreme weather conditions and during extraordinary circumstances?! …do you love the feeling of controlling your car as it "drifts" through a fast, off-camber turn?! Have you dreamed of becoming the next Mario Andretti or Lyn St. James, or Dale Earnhardt? Have we got the solution for you! The National Auto Sport Association provides sanctioned race and high performance driving events for individuals just learning the ropes of car control or already racing with other organizations. We invite you to contact us for information about how you can enter the world of racing through this exciting organization. We’ll be happy to explain how it works, get you signed up, and meet you at the track for your first driving or racing event!

X’treme G’s races with the San Francisco Region of NASA which holds events at world renowned road courses such as Laguna Seca Raceway, Sears Point International Raceway, Thunderhill Park, Buttonwillow, and others. See NASA’s web site at for more information about NASA sanctioned racing near you.


X’treme G’s Pit Crew & Spectator Invitation

Do you have an itch to experience the excitement of racing in a support position? We’d welcome your assistance in making the "wheels turn" of a "well oiled" racing machine/team! There’s lots happening and lots to do! We could always use a hand with race support such as car maintenance, paddock setup, pit crew, cooks/barbecue attendants, or baby-sitting! Or come join us to just have some fun and visit!

If you’d like to "feel" the excite of being in a race car, on a world famous race track "at (race) speed" we can also arrange that! If you contact us ahead of the event we’ll be sure to make arrangements for you to ride in a fully prepared race car with a licensed racer at the wheel. Sound like fun??? You bet!!!